quarta-feira, dezembro 22, 2010

Time to clean my camera's memory card #3

"Let us work!" - taken in Wrocław, Poland

Time to clean my camera's memory card #2

Just another relax dude in the wall...

Time to clean my camera's memory card #1

You've probably heard of the double chin, I present you the double moustache

Christmas break!

After the amount of posts I wrote in Movember I thought I should give you a rest... or maybe I just got lazy afterwards. Anyway here is a new one.

I'm now in Porto for my Christmas break and I'm very happy to be here. Although it's only 13ºC outside it feels really warm, specially because I still have the subzero temperatures quite fresh in my mind... Last Monday the maximum temperature in Cambridge was -5ºC!! That's quite cold... =P

I'm glad I managed to come to Porto because I know of a few people who haven't managed to leave England because their flights were cancelled due to the snow... Fortunately in Stansted it doesn't snow as bad as in other airports so it all went well for me. If it hadn't I think I would've rented a car and drove to Portugal... Fortunately I didn't need that.

Talking about snow last Saturday it snowed the whole afternoon in Cambridge! It was enough to make this huge snow man, named Pep, credit should go to my neighbours Dago, João and Raoul, I only added some accessories.

As it was so freaking cold all the places where cars and people don't pass too much were still covered in snow yesterday... I must say that it made the trip by train to the airport really beautiful. =) Amazing landscapes... other than that snow can be really annoying..

This was taken in Trinity College.

Since I'm not sure if I'll post anything else before Christmas I take this chance to wish you a Merry Christmas! And hope to see you around Porto during my stay! =)

quarta-feira, dezembro 01, 2010

Movember: One day at a time

Movember 2010 is over and so the moustache is soon to be gone. I've raised 111£! =D Thanks to everyone who donated! =) ( the list is here-> http://omeio.blogspot.com/2010/10/movember-donations-required.html ).

Not sure if the Movember website donation system will stay up, but I'll leave the links around for a few more days in case anyone else feels generous and wants to give it a try. =) Here it is-> http://uk.movember.com/mospace/823716/

PS: I wish my facial hair would grow faster... it could have made it even funnier. =)