segunda-feira, janeiro 25, 2010

Até à Próxima | See you next time!

Estou agora a fazer a mala para voltar para Cambridge. É sempre bom vir a Portugal. =) Mas fico sempre com aquele "sentimento de Domingo". Sentimento que me faz voltar aos tempos de infância, quando ia passar o fim-de-semana a casa dos meus primos e depois regressava a casa para me preparar para mais um dia de aulas. Num e noutro caso não me assusta nem me desgosta o que vem a seguir, apenas pontapeia dentro de mim a saudade do que passou. Aliviada pela certeza da futura repetição. =)

Obrigado a todos por estes dias! Um até breve! :)


I am now packing to go back to Cambridge. It is always great to come to Portugal. =) But I always get this "Sunday like feeling". A feeling that makes me go back in time to my childhood. When I used to go to my cousin's house for the weekend and then I'd return home to prepare for one more day of school. Now, as in the past, I'm not scared nor sadden for what is coming ahead. It's only that the "saudade" (a strong word for "missing" something or someone, in Portuguese) kicks inside of me. But softened by the assurance that there will be a next time. =)

Thank you all for these days. See you soon! :)

terça-feira, janeiro 05, 2010

I had a gun in my pocket...

This time my New Year's Eve was a thematic one. The theme of it was "The 50's" (even though it could be extended to the 60th's and the 70th's... And so I decided to dress up in such a way that I could resemble some kind of mobster (or some kind of lunatic). To complete my disguise I took a plastic pistol that I have bought some years ago for some Carnival party. I must admit that the disguise was not perfect, but I think it its job.

And then the "funniest" thing happened on the next day. I had my flight at 9.50h and I took the jacket that I had taken in the previous night to the party... and yes, I forgot to leave the plastic pistol at home...

Strangely (and luckily I guess) enough I only realised this after I passed the security zone. I was already in the duty free shops' area having my breakfast when I remembered that I had the pistol with me! I almost panicked, but then thought that I better not take the pistol with me to London. I thought that if they somehow found that I had a pistol (even if a plastic one) in my pocket they would fire first and ask questions later.

So I went to the security staff and quietly explained that I had a party on the previous day, that I took a plastic pistol with me, and that the pistol was in my pocket... Fortunately they didn't make a fuss of it and just asked me if I had someone with me in the airport. My mother was still there, so I called her and the security guy went to give it to her.

I know that it ended up not being a dangerous at all. But I can only imagine what would happen to me if I was in the US. If I was there I would probably just ditch the pistol in some trash bin or in the toilet, before I got into troubles!

I also don't know how did the pistol passed on the security screening, but maybe it did because it was purely plastic. I hope that it was that. Because the shape was of a real pistol...

PS: When I found out that I had the pistol in my pocket I thought... .oO(what if I just take it out and go into a security guy yelling "I have a plastic pistol, where can I put my plastic PISTOL!!"....)... But I thought I shouldn't be so stupid in the first day of the year.

domingo, janeiro 03, 2010

2009 -> 2010

2009 is over and it is quite strange how hard it is for me to classify it.

Even though it was a year with some deep downs it also had good ups, which, I believe, ended up overcoming the downs.

At this moment I feel that I am a happy person. I have a good job, great family and friends, an awesome girlfriend, and I feel OK. =)

So I think it would be wrong to classify 2009 as a bad year, if I did that I would be looking at it from the negative side, overlooking the positive things it gave me. So I think that it was an even year with a shade of positivism, because in the end it presented me with the tools that I need to build my life and future.

For sure it was a year that changed me, but I hope it changed me into a better person, a stronger person.

Regarding 2010 I don't ask for many ups, I just would love not to have any more downs! And if they end up showing their faces, I hope to have the strength to face them! =)

So I want to wish a Happy New Year to all of you that read me! And I would also like to thank my girlfriend and all my family and friends for their help and support during the downs of 2009. Seriously thank you very very much! =) <3

I would like to say "see you in 2011", but the truth is that I hope to see you sooner than that! =)