quinta-feira, março 25, 2010


Today my keyboard at work has been upgraded!

Actually it was upgraded last week with a similar to this one, but whose keys weren't working properly. But now I got a new one and it works!

So I thought this was worth posting, specially because I haven't wrote anything in a while. And I do have things to write about, but I've been lazy!

Maybe I'll write about those things, maybe not!

But I can share that today I'm going to a musical in London. This will be my second musical in London, and my third in the last three weeks! Today I'm gonna watch "We Will Rock You", about the band Queen (I guess:p)

Gotta go now!

domingo, março 07, 2010

The end of probation

Last week I finished my three months of probation at UNEP -WCMC, I'm happy to announce that I've passed my probation and that now I have a permanent contract with them! =) \o/ (me enjoying the moment!)

This means that I didn't do too bad there at my job and that they are willing to bare with me for a while. And it also means that I'll be staying in Cambridge for that while, so buy your tickets and come and visit me! =)

Today Carlos, a friend of mine, told me that he and his girlfriend will be coming here on the end of the month! It is an awesome feeling to know that! =) And I'm even starting to know the city better now! =P