domingo, março 07, 2010

The end of probation

Last week I finished my three months of probation at UNEP -WCMC, I'm happy to announce that I've passed my probation and that now I have a permanent contract with them! =) \o/ (me enjoying the moment!)

This means that I didn't do too bad there at my job and that they are willing to bare with me for a while. And it also means that I'll be staying in Cambridge for that while, so buy your tickets and come and visit me! =)

Today Carlos, a friend of mine, told me that he and his girlfriend will be coming here on the end of the month! It is an awesome feeling to know that! =) And I'm even starting to know the city better now! =P

2 comentários:

Nuno Cruz disse...

Congratilations dear friend

Pedro Coelho disse...

Congratulations dude. Hope they like you about just as much as you like them.

As for the invitations to visit, I really hope you're not a lousy cook, because so shall I.