domingo, outubro 31, 2010

Halloween 2010

Today is Halloween here in the UK and yesterday I went to a party at Darwin College. As always I didn't prepare anything in advance to dress for the party, but in the afternoon I went shopping with Mariana and came across an immitation of a Freddy Krueger claw, and so I decided to dress up as Freddy Krueger.

With a hat, some skin make up and the claw I was ready to party! =)

I should add that the make up was quite a challenge to do, first I painted my face red, then cleaned it a bit, then added black and gray, then cleaned a bit more, and in the end I added fake skin make-up. Now I know that I should've started with the fake skin, and then paint a bit with red, or something like that. But I think the end result was quite scary...

2 comentários:

Joana BFS disse...

scary! very scary indeed!!!
No Natal espero ver esse bigode!!
bejjo grande from Nice
PS: sabes se o Ze ja esta em Turim?

SimNão disse...

(In)felizmente acho que já não deverei estar de bigode no Natal... é só em Novembro! =P

Quanto ao Zé, a última vez que soube ele estava por Braga.

Beijinhos grandes =)