terça-feira, outubro 13, 2009


Hi everyone. =)

First of all I want to thank all the readers of the blog who have replied to my last post. Most of you said that there was no real point in creating a new blog, and I agree. Regarding the language I decided to switch to English, as you might have noticed. I think that most of my readers understand English and I know that some potential readers won't follow this because they lack the knowledge of Portuguese. So I decided to make this change.

As someone said in the commentary box I am too lazy to both in Portuguese and in English, but if you think that I should do that, please let me know. And I will think about it.

Someone also said that I would need to change some other things around the blog, but I am feeling a bit too lazy. Nevertheless I will try to do that soon or later. =)

And so this is the post of change. From Portuguese to English and, hopefully, from lack of writing to plenty of writing. But I make no promises, sorry!=) So if you grow tired of coming here every week to look for new posts, just start using some Feed Reader (like google.com/reader, or some other)! =) That way you won't need to come here, the news will meet you there! If you have questions on Feed readers, or on feeds alone, please just ask and I'll try to explain what are they! =)

Before finishing this post I would like to make a small disclaimer:

Ladies and Gentlemen this is a personal blog from a Portuguese dude who thinks he knows how to write in English. He knows that his English could be worse, but it surely could be better. So he would like to ask you to bare in mind that he is not native speaker (or writer for that matter) of English, but he will try to do his best. But please try to understand if you find huge mistypes and strange phrases and statements... sorry! =) If you want to correct my English, feel free, I will thank you!=)

And that's all for now Folks!=)

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rodas disse...

We should comment in english also? Think about it and tell me!

But it´s not a problem for me, at all! :)