terça-feira, dezembro 15, 2009

In my Home (Bedroom) at last!!

Just wanted to share, before going to sleep, that I've finally moved to my bedroom! =) I have been staying in the place of a cousin of a friend of mine and his room mate. So before anything else I would like to thank João Afonso and Dago Galan for being so nice and giving me a shelter for the last two weeks! =)

My new bedroom is in a shared house. I will be living for (at least) the next six months with two girls and one boy. Actually the boy will move out in the end of December, but he will be replaced by a friend of him. Nevertheless it will still be two girls and a boy.

I've only met two of them, but they seem really nice.

The house is also really cool! It has a big garden in the back, which will look even cooler in the Spring/Summer. It has a big kitchen and a cosy living room. My bedroom is large enough and has a small office attached to it, which is great to host any visitors that might come to Cambridge! =)

I think I will enjoy living here! =) Hope you find the time to visit me!

PS: I almost forgot to mention that from my house to my work is a 12 minutes walk! Which means... more time to sleep! =D And that is a really nice feature!=)

PPS: I also forgot to mention how good it is to move to the place where I will live. Where I will build my space. I came to The UK on the 11th or 13th of October and since then I have basically camped in different places. In my friends Manel's (and his really nice house mates) house, in a small hotel in London, and then in João and Dago's place. I also spent some nights in a B&B in London and some other nights in my girlfriend's college in Cambridge. I must thank very much to everyone that helped me. If you need a place to stay, now I have one to give! =)

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M disse...

yey! Well... congratulations! Your own place! ;)

Have fun! Is there much to see and visit in cambridge? ;)

Paula Sá disse...


I hope to visit you, asap. Cambridge is a fabulous town.

Enjoy your new home :)


SimNão disse...

Cambridge is full of stuff to see. Like me for instance, or Mariana, or me again... =p And then there is the city and everything in it! =)

And it's so close to London that if you get fed up of Cambridge we can go to London... Just don't think too much and come and visit! =)

Both of you!