domingo, dezembro 06, 2009

One week has passed! =)

After one week working at UNEP-WCMC I must say that I'm really enjoying it! =) I spent the first week doing some tutorials and watching screencasts to get to know better the framework with which I will be working, which is ASP .NET MVC 2.

The people there are very friendly and the overall environment is great! =) They even have a team that plays football every Wednesday at lunch time which I will be sure to join ASAP! =)

But it won't be this week, because from Monday to Wednesday I will be in London to attend to some training in ASP .NET! =) Which I think it will be really cool! =)

I must add that I'm really enjoying Cambridge and that I found the city to be really nice. The weather is not as bad as I thought that it would be, it doesn't rain TOOOO much, but it is quite cold... But the thing that bothers me the most is the sunset time, at 16h the sun is almost gone! But could be worst. =)

I'll try to write some more stuff later! =)

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Nuno Cruz disse...

pareces estar a gostar muito, eu também gostaria se estivesse no teu lugar. Vai dando news :)