domingo, fevereiro 07, 2010


One of the best things about being abroad is to have the opportunity to have visits.

If I was in Portugal I would be with my family and friends more often, and I could even have some people that did not live in Porto to pop in and say hello. But I would hardly have people coming just solely to meet me (and Mariana, and London, and Cambridge, and England, and everything else.. But this is my post, so let's pretend that it is solely to meet me). And having visitors is really awesome!

I've already had two visits in Cambridge, since I've moved here.

The first was João a friend from my Faculty in Porto who is doing is internship in Coventry. And the second was Miguel, also a friend from my Faculty, who lives in Porto, or maybe in Lisbon he was not sure yet.

It was really cool to show them around the city and show them where I live. I can imagine that since they were here they know as much about Cambridge as they did before they came. But the truth is that I haven't had the chance to get to know everything or memorise much. But I tried to make their stay pleasant. And this way they have still much to see here, and a purpose to come back here.

Nevertheless it was a real pleasure to have them here! :) I hope they also enjoyed their stay!

PS: this post is also a call for new guinea pigs, I mean visitors, to come to Cambridge. I need to perfect my tourist guide skills! And I'd love to have you test them!

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Miguel disse...

I think I saw a tear when I left.