segunda-feira, fevereiro 22, 2010

It's all so white...

Even though this is not the first time it snow this heavily since I'm in Cambridge, it is much faster and easier to post pictures from my mobile phone.

And so I felt like sharing a bit of snow with you! :)

Pictures from my bedroom window, view to my backyard, my work and my workplace window!

It is a shame that in loco the scenario is not as pleasant as it might look in the pictures. In fact it makes it a bit of a pain to walk.. And it will be worst when the snow is replaced by ice. But oh well it is better to enjoy it while it is white and looks fluffy. :p

2 comentários:

Murek disse...

Come on, You should see how it was snowing here in Poland couple of weeks ago - that was WINTER :)

But anyway, enjoy the fluffy :)

joanderson Ribeiro disse...

hi, okay, like your blog ... I am a little loge dai, in Brazil.
you can post some pictures of your yard? kkk
abração good work and ai!